Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's been awhile.

I haven't posted in forever. I have been busy-ish with school and life. Lots of pictures to be added tonight. Facebook friends have seen some of them, so I do apologize to them for having to see the same pics. Work has been kind of slow, hopefully it will pick up again soon. We're in cakes right now at school. For the most part it has been enjoyable, but it has its moment. The school setting is difficult for me because I'm used to be in charge at home, i'm not an 18 year old kid who hasnt been on their own. I am making good grades though and that's really what matters. Still on the search for an externship, it starts in August so I really need to get into gear. I'm also looking to get some practice in,so if anyone local would like to help me out, get in touch with me.

Friday I am participating in my school's version of 'Chopped'. I'm nervous, but it should be fun. I am not aiming to win, I just want the experience. It'll be an early morning, and I'll definitely be taking a nap at some point. I don't get near as much sleep as I probably should. Anywho, on to some pics of the goodies I have done recently. Up first: Carrot cake: Iced with cream cheese icing

Up next: German Chocolate cake
Coconut Pecan icing, pecan and chocolate shavings for garnish

Orange Chiffon: There should be orange suprems on top, but I'm allergic...Cutting them=Hives
Iced with Cream Chantilly and some chocolate shavings.

Here we have a Sacher Torte
Last but not least the Bouche De Noel. I have pics of the start and the end. I have wanted to make one since watching Julia Child make it.

I didn't realize until I had gotten home that I forgot leaves on part of the vine. Hah! Chocolate spongecake with raspberry filling, coffee french buttercream and meringue mushrooms. We had this as dessert tonight and it was delicious. I delivered the Sacher Torte to a friend and she said it was really good. Carrot cake went to my stepdad and he loved it, and the German chocolate went to my stepsister. She said her boyfriend devoured it. No one ever got to eat the Orange chiffon, but I bet it would have been yummy. Oh and I almost forgot, the pics of the cake my daughter and I made.

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and cream chantilly.

I guess that's all for now. I'll try and work on keeping up with this regularly, instead of slacking. Thanks for looking. <3

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  1. cream chantilly...what is, what does it taste like and how do I make it? LOL